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Serving Location: Oakland, San Francisco,Berkeley, East Bay Area and Northern CA
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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Company Name :brazilian hair co.
Address:6029 croft, los angeles,ca
Business Type Raw Human Hair Importing and Distribution and Manufacturing
Terms and Conditions of Sale
Before placing any order with us, we request you to read clause numbers 1 to 8 of our outlined terms and conditions

1. We have a liberal and open policy facilitating exchange of good ordered from us. We suggest that our esteemed customers speak to us before placing any order so that we can aid them in their search and offer the best products available. When you need the product shipped within a specific timeframe we suggest that you all the more confirm with us and check for availability. Please do not place going by the note that stocks are available if you need urgent deliveries as we may not be able to send products immediately even if they are in stock. Whenever you need express shipping or there is any such urgent order to be place please speak to us. Our telephone number is: Toll free (877-319-4536). We can also be contacted via email.
2. We at Brazilian hair inc ship your orders primarily through USPS. The consignments are dispatched after 3 pm PST from the city of Los Angeles in California. It may take 3-4 business days for you to receive the products all are shipped express Priority with confirmation signatures. We also have other courier companies to facilitate overnight shipping. We work closely with FEDEX and UPS and DHL also have the option of delivering our products across international borders. Extra and send your products to your doorstep using the services of USPS.
We make it a point to send you due notification if any of your orders are placed on a back order. We make sure that you are informed both before and after the payment is made. We send you notifications via email in such cases of back orders.We also give you the liberty to cancel your orders but with the condition that the cancellation request is sent before the processing is done. Once the order is processed, we do not accept any cancellation requests.Just so that you are aware of the procedures we follow: We process all orders the day after the payments are received. There can be changes in the procedure only if there are special instructions by the officials of the company.The best way to get your consignment shipped the way you prefer is by requesting for Express shipping. When you opt for express shipping, we will deliver you the ordered products by the mode that you may have opted for.
At time you may order our products in great urgency and may want speedy delivery. In such cases we suggest that you first consult our customer care representatives to see the best possible options available.Even if it is Express Shipping, we need a minimum time frame of 24 hours to process your order as this is the time that it takes for the payments to clear when you make the payments using your credit cards. You can speak to our representatives at Toll free (877-319-4536) before placing your express shipping orders with our company.
3. When you plan to place orders with us for different forms of hair treatment, we suggest that you speak to our representatives 1-2 weeks well in advance and confirm the order.
4. We have easy and effective means of checking fraudulent activities, as majority of the transactions that are processed with us are done online and we are all aware that various forms of thefts are taking place through the internet. We have easy mechanisms devised for checking fraudulent usage of plastic money. These procedures take less than 15 minutes and do not need any certifications procedures to be done over the phone.
We request all customers to give us a valid contact number which may or may not be used for verification purposes. In case of some suspicious accounts we may take a little longer to process the order as we have to follow more stringent procedures. It is to be noted that in case any fraudulent activity is spotted, we immediately inform the local authorities and concerned federal bodies.
5. Keep your tracking id handy and follow the status of your order with the help of the following links:
6. We request all the buyers to carefully read all the terms and conditions that are associated with placing an order and receiving the products. We request you to get in touch with us through the email id whenever you want to place an order for hair over 1kg. Taxes are also applicable on purchases and the amount varies statewise.
1. If in doubt, it is best suggested that first try one of our cheapest products and then order for more when you are thoroughly satisfied with the quality.
2.We request you to carefully go through all information provided and submits all papers that may be required for placing an order.You can contact us at Toll free (877-319-4536) if you are not comfortable contacting us via online methods.
It is to be noted that under circumstances of shortage or unavailability of stocks, it may take us additional days which may range from 2-4 to process and ship your order.We ensure that our buyers are notified well in advance if some of our products are out of stock. We do not offer samples as such but in cases when the order placed is huge, we do offer small samples. You can check for the quality of our products by ordering small quantities of curly machine weft strand, wavy machine weft strand, straight and machine weft strand varieties.
We accept payments made via Google, Visa, MasterCard, Money Gram, Bank Transfer or Western Union. These options are available when payments are made online. Buyers willing to pay in person can also make payments through cash. Along with payments made via gateways like Paypal, we also accept Bank wires and money transfer.For most of our product deliveries we prefer using United States Postal Services. International shipments are also sent using international delivery services of USPS. We also closely work with FEDEX, UPS and DHL for the shipment of your orders to various destinations.All our products are processed for shipping only after 3 pm PST. Theshipmenst are sent from our office in Los Angeles California.Procedure for Back orders: back orders are processed only once the customer has been notified before and after they make the payments. Processing and shipmenst of back orders ideally do not take more than 2-10 business days. In some exceptional cases the duration may extend upto 15 days at the maximum.
Once the order is processed, which usually takes 24 hours after the payment is cleared, we first notify our customers, receive their confirmation and only then ship the consignment.To make the payment clearance and processing steps all the more clear lets discuss a few cases. Payment via Paypal: Invoice cleared by you on 14th, Payment received by us on the 18, processing of order for shipment starts only on the 19th.Money Gram, Bank Transfer or TT: Funds transferred by you on the 14th, payments received by us on the 14th too, order processed for shipment one day after i.e the 15th.All hair that is transported is thoroughly fumigated before it is allowed by the authorities in to the US.

The time duration that may be involved in such procedure is listed below:
Delay caused in fumigation: 2-3 days
Clearance procedures at the customs: 2-5 days
Time spent in transportation: 2 business days
Preparing, cleaning and prepping of hair before delivery: 2-3 business days.
Exchange policy: We exchange bulk orders after delivery only if the fault is from our end i.e the product is distorted or the incorrect products have been sent.We allow exchange of products only if we have been notified within 5 days of receiving the order.Please not that we do not process refunds but only exchange.We charge 15% restocking fee on orders that have been made as per customized requests.
Custom orders that have various specifications and requirements are made with due care and processing of such orders may take a different duration of time. As custom orders come with special specifications and moidifications, we do charge an extra sum to compensate for the extra efforts that we put in. We understand and make note of all your requirements before you process the payment with us. The notification procedure of 5 days stands true even for such orders.
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Phone: 877-666-3672 and 510-776-4922