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Brazilian Hair Extensions
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Fine Hair Care And High Quality Hair Extensions Provided By Brazilian Virgin Hair Inc.

No one can deny that is top-selling online source for advanced quality and 100% Virgin Human Hair extensions online that you can trust. Our hair is extensively tested for top quality and genuine authenticity. Shopping for hair online is not an easy task. The variety of brands and quality makes the experience all the more challenging and time consuming. But that all ends here! Most human hair consumers arenít aware that Remy hair isnít the highest quality because it is chemically treated and processed with substances like silicone which gives it its shine. This chemical process damages the hair cuticle and limits Remyís performance and endurance. Virgin Human Hair, on the other hand, is the highest quality of all because is never chemically treated, nor processed with substances like silicone which keeps the Virgin hair cuticle perfectly intact to allow the hair to perform at its best enduring longevity and its natural body and shine. Virgin Human hair is the only brand and quality we carry at, Guaranteed!.

Hair Cuticle
Is there any Difference between Remy and Virgin Human Hair? Yes
While ďRemyĒ hair mixes well with natural ethnic hair types, and is thought to be number one. Remy is chemically treated and processed which robs the cuticles of itís the natural body and shine, limiting performance and longevity. "Remy" simply refers to the cuticle layer of hair being smooth and straight in single direction.
"Remy" refers to the cuticle layer of hair being smooth and straight in single direction. Skin is inner layer of a pattern of hair. These are an important factor taken in to consideration while buying hair extension. Whole, plane cuticles indicate light which gives the hair its shining appearance.
"Virgin"hair which also mixes well with natural ethnic hair types, is never bleached, texturized or chemically treated in anyway. Virgin hair is the advanced quality hair because it is Natural like the hair growing out of our own heads. It is important to note that just because hair is said to be "Remy" doesn't mean that it is Authentic and all Natural. Virgin Human Hair is certainly Naturally Authentic.
How to Manage Weave hair Extensions:
Avoid products with wax, alcohol and silicone or sulfur. Avoid cheap shampoos and conditioners..
Brazilian hair weaving is an effective way to change your look and protect your natural hair. Hair weaves need care and maintenance for best performance and longevity:
  • Comb hair using a wide-tooth comb. Start at the end moving upward toward the wefted base.
  • Wash hair using warm water and shampoo with products that do not contain silicone, alcohol, or peroxide.
  • Do not use rough (harsh) products for washing, styling, or conditioning hair.
  • Do not use products with alcohol base for shining hair.
  • Use silk or satin scarf to wrap hair at bedtime.
Benefits of Weaved Hair:
It decreases damage to natural hair that comes from daily styling, drying, curling, brushing and straightening which can cause damage, dryness and breakage over time. Hair weaving allows your hair to reconstruct health and boost growth.
Want to Color your Hair?
BRZHair can help you to change your look, with our top selling organic hair coloring process. Because Virgin Human Hair comes in natural shades of Black, Off Black, and Brown, BRZHair provides safe non-chemical coloring customized to order using all Natural and Organic coloring dyes which will never damage your Virgin Human Hair nor its cuticles.
Installing Hair Extensions
Hair extensions come in three main types:
  • Strand by Strand extensions: With this technique of extensions, small strands of extension hair are connected/attached one by one to small parts of your own hair by either weaving in, clamping with metal tubes or heat fusing, using waxes, gluing and polymers.
  • Weft extensions: Tracks of pre-stitched hair in a variety of length and is attached by cutting the weft tracks down to size and sewing onto braided hair using a weaving needle. Wefts are done by hand or by machine. Please note that we recommend not cutting the hand weft as the hair can unravel if not done correctly. Recommended is the machine weft as it will remain intact because to its strength which makes it most popularly used.
  • Clip in extensions:You can clip these extensions into your own hair and take it out at night for bedtime.
The amount of hair you'll need will depend on the style youíre creating and how thick/full you want you hair to look:
  • Partial weave - 1 pack of hair.
  • Full weave - 1 & half to 2 packs of hair.
  • Full sew-in weave closure - 2 to 3 packs. However, most full weaves require 2 packs.
Hair Care Instructions
  • Use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Rinse and leave to dry naturally. If need to blow dry, use a cool setting.
  • If the hairstyle is straight, straighten carefully after washing. For long lasting benefits, do NOT straighten excessively, do not use a very high temperature it is not necessary as the air will get straight with less heat and ALWAYS use a heat protectant as it is human hair and needs to be protected from heat damage. If the hairstyle is wavy, please use ample hair gel or hairspray for hold.
  • You can perm and dye the hair, but please remember to not do this too frequent as it can cause damage if done excessively.
  • Try not to expose the hair in blazing sun for too long and be careful when swimming.
  • Do not blow dry too close to the root of the hair and be careful not to irritate the roots of the hair when washing.
Washing instructions:
  • Fill the sink with mild shampoo in luke warm water.
  • Gently dip the hair into the water and swish gently for about 1 min and drain the sink.
  • Squeeze excess water from hair and add mild conditioner to the hair for 1 min.
  • Re-fill sink with a little cooler luke warm water and gently remove the conditioner.
  • Squeeze excess water from hair, gently towel dry and leave to air dry naturally.
  • When dry use styling products for wavy hair and NOT afro hair products.
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