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Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian Remy Hair FAQ
Has your quest for long and lush hair Extensions turned into an everlasting search? And these questions still persists:
Where can I buy Brazilian hair extensions?
Brzhair.com is the ultimate location for obtaining the finest quality Brazilian hair extensions you can fine. Our hair is the result of getting the best in the business at this one stop shop, 100% of our tresses are made if pure hair. We provide genuine Virgin Brazilian Hair extensions , Void of any chemical processing. Brzhair.com hair is lust and thick and fits any hair style.


Virgin Brazilian Human Hair & Weaves Extensions for Sale?
Fact is, BRZhair.com is the answer to this question of where can I buy authentic Virgin Brazilian hair extensions? Our stock of Virgin Brazilian Hair is the foremost choice of professional stylists and Hollywood glitterati desiring thick and shiny hair. Procured from the villages of Brazil and South America, these tresses are completely virgin, natural and best hair extensions ever.


Is Brazilian hair extension better?
The natural shine and excellent texture of Brazilian hair gives it an edge. Besides having thick density, fewer tresses are needed to complete the style you're looking for as compared to other hair extension types. Brazilian hair is a versatile option that does not get frizzy in humid conditions.


Where to buy hair extensions online?
http://www.brzhair.com offers the best when it comes to Brazilian Virgin and Remy hair extensions. BRZhair online store delivers the quality that it promises and meets your demands expeditiously. Even though BRZ hair is of unmatched excellence, we provide the best quality at competitive cheap hair extensions prices.


Virgin hair extensions hair care?
Take care of Virgin remy hair extensions the same way you take care of your hair. It requires regular washing and conditioning Refrain from using chemical or silicone based products for maintenance.


By which carrier service are BHC products shipped?
We work with USPS, FEDEX and UPS for our product delivery requirements. Presently our delivery services only encompass the continental states of America, Alaska, Hawaii, various territories o f the Unites States and the AP/FPO locations. We use the services of USPS for all our international deliveries.


What are the sources from which BHC hair is procured and how do we know that he products are authentic?
We give 100% guarantee of the authenticity of our products. We procure all our BHC hair from countries like Brazil and India and these are donated by genuine donors. We vouch for the quality of our products as the hair that we sell is 100% natural. Features of BHC hair:
  • 100% human remy hair
  • Virgin, remy, full cuticle
  • Homogenous in origin and color
  • Natural thickness
  • Natural gloss and bounce

The product category known as Dreamgirls hair is sold without any processing. We keep the cuticle of the hair intact and see to it that it all runs in the same direction which helps in preventing shedding of hair, tangling and matting. The hair we obtain is from single source genuine donors. We can assure our buyers that there our products are absolutely pure and do not have any animal fibers or synthetic materials mixed in them.


Are BHC products delivered to international destinations?
BHC currently home delivers its products in and around the territories of United States, Alaska, Hawaii, the APO/FPo locations and all around continental America.


In how much time are the orders delivered?
When ordered by priority express shipping, it may take 3-4 business days for you to receive the orders. Once processed, all orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. At the time of delivery, some packages may need a signature of acceptance from the receiver. In such cases if there is no one available at the time of delivery, the parcel may not be released but once you are back, you can always collect your package from our local distribution centers.


What are the characteristics of virgin hair?
Virgin hair can also be called hair of the purest quality.
The characteristics of this kind of hair are:


  • It has not been processes in any way
  • The hair comes from a single source donor
  • The hair has never been exposed to harsh chemicals, dyes or other such styling agents
  • Cuticle of the complete hair is present as it is and run in the same direction
  • The donor and as such the hair has not been bared to various forms of substance abuse.


How do I know what amount of hair that I may require?
We can give you a general idea about the quantities that various styles require. Partial Weaves: This requires approximately 4oz to 6oz. Full Head Weave: This required about 8 oz of hair. Fuller styles with long hair: These may require hair that is 22 inches or more long.


What are the procedures to care for virgin hair?
Virgin remy hair is best cared for just like original human hair. Hair should be washed and conditioned regularly. It is best suggested that this kind of hair is not blow dried. Natural air drying is always the best option. If you want curly hair, instead of using chemicals, do it naturally by tying your hair in a braid and tucking it in a scarf at night. The curls that you get the next day will not just be natural but will last all day long without any worries.


Can the virgin hair weaves be cut and trimmed?
Virgin hair is absolutely like your own natural hair and needs the same kind of attention and care. The cleaning needs to be done in the same way as it is done for your own natural hair. Regular trimming and washing is an absolute necessity to maintain your hair in good condition. You can cut and stylize your hair as per your own choice as after all once weaved in, the hair is as good as your own natural hair.


How frequently should the remy hair be cleaned by washing?
There is no specification about washing the remy hair. It can be washed as and when you need to without any worry as this is as good as your own natural hair. Just make sure that once washed, the hair is dried up properly so that the natural hair underneath does not remain soggy and make way for growth of mildew.


For how long can this kind of hair be worn?
If you take proper care of your hair, you will not need to replace it unless you may want to change the look and style.


Can Virgin hair be colored and highlighted like normal human hair?
Color kits of reputed brands can be easily used to color, streak or highlight your remy hair. The only care that we suggest is that the coloring should be done by professionals at reputed salons as they are aware of the right procedures.


Please help us understand lace wigs
Lace wigs are also called lace front wigs. These wigs also have real human hair; the only difference is that the hair strands are tied to a base of lace with the help of mechanical procedures.


What is the longevity of such lace wigs?
The longevity of your lace wigs will totally depend on the frequency of use. Wigs that are used a bit too often are sure to get worn out in a short span of time. The glue used in making the wig also determines the longevity of your hair. Just like the tyre of a car, with repeated and long use the wigs may need replacement more often.


Is it safe to swim wearing a lace wig?
Just like you can do all your normal activities wearing a lace wig, you can also swim wearing one without any fear of the wig’s damage. Just make sure that the adhesive that has been used is waterproof. Also, try not to expose your wig to water or sweat for over 24 hrs as that may weaken the adhesives used.


When using Western union and Money Gram, what is the address that needs to be mentioned?
Roger L Roberts, Los Angeles , CA , 90056 is the address that needs to be mentioned when sending payments via Western Union and Money Gram. When sending the payment please make sure that you mention the hair type ordered and the price of the product.
  • The hair that we provide is packaged only after it has been washed using good quality shampoo and thoroughly dried in the sun.
  • The hair that we provide is absolutely virgin as it is neither processed nor treated with any form of dyes or chemical reagents.
  • As the hair tips are left in their natural form, there can always be certain difference in the length.
  • We measure all our products be it curly, wavy or straight only when the hair is in its natural form.
  • We do not trim and process the hairs, as such there might be some split ends just like they are in the natural hair.
  • When properly washed and thoroughly conditioned, our hair show their natural bounce and shine.
  • The hair products that we offer can last for a year or two if proper care is taken and it is maintained as per the given instructions.
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