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Funmi Curl
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Lace Frontal
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Brazilian Natural Wave
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Brazilian Curly Hair Weave Extensions
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Brazilian Hair Extensions
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BrzHair Customer Reviews with Photos

Testimonial by: shey baby of california

Date added: 03/05/2013

Title: Thank you

Thank you very much your a life saver. I'm very happy thanks again I'm sorry for bugging u! Thanks for having patience with me! You have great customer service. Take care a lot of people will be ordering from u! Thanks again and god bless u

Testimonial by: shey baby of california

Date added: 03/06/2013

Title: so in love

Hi roger I just got my hair I'm so so so in love. It's more then beautiful hair it's thick shiny silky I've been wearing extensions for 7 years and I've never ever had hair like this. I keep telling myself how happy I am. I know a lot of people are gonna say how gorgeous this hair is. I recommend everyone. Your the bomb u know good hair. And this is the Versace of hair thanks again!

Testimonial by: Tanya C. Egan

Date added:

Title: your great

Roger, You’re a gem for taking time (as always) out of your busy day to answer your client’s questions. That’s what sets you apart as a business owner and of course your products are the best I have found in 15+ years. I will be placing my order within the next 30 minutes or less…please look out for it….OK.. It will be the Brazilian Body Wave Fusion Extensions, .09g, 20 inches – U Tip. I hope to get the hair installed on Thursday so fingers crossed it will arrive in DC by end of day on Wednesday 3/20/13. Best regards, Tanya C. Egan

Testimonial by: CARMEN OBIANWU of texas

Date added: 04/24/2013

Title: simply beautiful

Thank you for the discount and the hair is simply beautiful!!! Thanks Again

Testimonial by: Lavon of va

Date added: 05/01/2013

Title: love it

Thanks Roger, I received the package on yesterday. LOVE IT! Thanks for all your assistance. Lavon

Testimonial by: Devon Jenkins of Marlton, NJ

Date added: 06/01/2013

Title: customer for life

I just received the hair and it is amazing!!!! Very soft. I wet the ends a little bit and the curl is so beautiful!!! I can't wait to receive my closure and get it I stalled :-). If it lasts for the year or at least nine months, I'll be a customer for life!!!!

Testimonial by: lyn of Ontario, Canada

Date added: 06/02/2013

Title: honest supplier

Good Morning Roger, Thank you again for alerting me to this fraud. Unbelievable. I of course cancelled the card immediately and in the meantime the person had put long distance minutes, an online fashion order, a camera and a computer on the card . The last item was actually delivered to my address as they used the order address and not the shipping one so that is good. Yikes. I am so pleased that you called, Roger. We have alerted the authorities and hopefully the people will be caught. There is so much more of this going on. What a way to live. Best wishes with your business, and thank you again. Have a very good rest of spring and summer, LYN

Testimonial by: Tanya C. Egan of DC

Date added: 06/27/2013

Title: best hair ever

Hi Roger, You are ssooooooooo GOOD to your customers!!! Another reason that we keep coming back to you (and of course your hair products are the best I have found online EVER and fairly priced)!!! Thanks so much for allowing me to try the fusion I tips at 22” with 200 strands (instead of your normal 150) for my first order. If possible, I would like to have the .09 (or.08 if .09 is not available) in color 1B. I will place the order tomorrow (Friday 6/28/13). I hope to have the hair arrive by Wednesday July 3, the day of my appointment. Roger, I truly appreciate your offer as I am trying this “cold fusion” method for the first time AND with a new stylist (one that was highly recommended). Can you believe I have had the same stylist in the DC area for 23 years???? I feel like I am “cheating on her” because I have not told her yet that I am going to trying someone else in Atlanta due to the move. So, I’m already nervous about trying a new stylist AND a new fusion method. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about finding great “real deal” Brazilian virgin I tip fusion hair!!!

Testimonial by: Amber P

Date added:

Title: platinum blode

Good morning. Quick update: darkened highlighted hair last nt. Minimal shedding (wefts previously sealed) & curl/wave pattern even prettier following a good rehydrating cowash & air dry on hangers. Hair now honey blonde color instead of original platinum blonde & super soft. Installing Monday & so far, you've earned a customer & referral source for life! Roger, you're awesome & thanks for offering such a quality hair product! Amber P

Testimonial by: Marisa of uk

Date added: 01/15/2014

Title: stunning

Hi roger Thank you for the hair. Its stunning!!! Marisa

Testimonial by: Stephanie of texas

Date added: 03/03/2014

Title: Thanks again

Ok just cking I saw the storms. We having snow right now i understand. Hair is Amazing. I was in Bahamas this weekend and I have NEVER had as many complements on a trip! And this hair is old! I love You Guys and we represent You Well! Thanks again. Stephanie Hixson

Testimonial by: Tanya egan of md

Date added: 10/05/2014

Title: Thanks again

Hi Roger! Wanted to let you know I picked up my hair from my mailbox last night (Friday). Our mail doesn’t get delivered until 4-5:00 PM (what a pain…) so it was probably there on Thursday. The hair is beautiful! It will blend wonderfully with my body wave texture in the hair unit. The color 1b is about what I expected but we dyed my hair unit black (which was also originally 1b as well). So we will do the same with this hair. Install is on Monday and so looking forward to it. Also, love the 20” because my current hair unit is 18” but looks like 16” when it is curled with flat iron because of the body wave. So the 20” is going to be “fab” J How many tracks do you think I can get from this bundle? Again, this is used to increase volume and length when sewed between layers on the hair unit. Let me know when you get a chance…. Thanks again for supplying a wonderful (authentic) product! Best regards, Tanya

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