Why Wigs Are Replacing Traditional Hair Weaving?

Wigs have become a preferred hair styling accessory for two main reasons. One is that modern wigs are comfortable and convenient to both wear and maintain. Second, and more importantly for users, modern wigs are virtually undetectable. Virgin hair lace wigs impart the conveniences of a hair weaves, but without undergoing the cost and effort of going in for a full head hair weave. These wigs can also be removed and reinstalled instantly, making them simple, efficient and fast compared to normal weaving.

Normal weaving involves sewing the hair into cornrow, thus exposing the wefts or tracks. On the other hand, virgin hair lace frontal just have to be fixed on top of the scalp or natural hair with the help of special adhesives. Another advantage of virgin hair lace wigs is that they can be chemically treated and altered to match the style or the color you desire, without any chance of damage due to chemical processing or heat treatment, to your natural hair. If you wish to buy hair extensions, the first step is to get a measurement of your head to ensure the wigs bought by you fit the scalp perfectly.

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