Why Weave Experts Suggest Proper Wefts Rather Than Simply Gluing Hair Weaves

For application of Indian or Brazilian hair weaves, experts suggest that clients desist from fast or quick-fix solutions. These methods have their downsides and shortcomings. One of the faster methods involves wet-wrapping the Brazilian natural wave and gluing the Brazilian weave directly onto it. This causes dehydration of the natural hair and damages it. Moreover, since the natural hair is stuck to the weave with adhesive, when you remove the wave, the natural hair also breaks away and comes out with it. The weave is also damaged because of the glue which sticks to it.

Wave experts say that if you do not take the time and effort to apply the Brazilian natural wave properly, the weave quality suffers and the difference between the natural hairline and the weave hair extension starts becoming visible. This attachment area also starts itching in a few days, if your daily schedule involves strenuous physical work and frequent sweating, the itching and irritation start even earlier. Wave experts suggest that a proper hand weft or machine weft is much more preferable to simply gluing the waves to the natural hair. If you have a genuine time constraint and cannot take time out for a proper hair weave installation, weave experts recommend wearing a wig as a short-term solution.

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