Why Should I Buy Indian Remy Hair Extensions Even If They Are More Expensive Than Other Hair Extensions?

In one of our earlier blogs, we had suggested how virgin Indian hair can be used to hide balding patches. Here, we discuss another feature of Indian hair extensions, which makes them so sought-after – this is Indian Remy hair extensions. Pure virgin Indian Remy hair is such a premium product that it is rarely available at mom and pop stores or at neighborhood beauty parlors. Due to its quality and price, Indian Remy hair can only be bought at select exclusive hair products stores and online retailers. Indian Remy hair has a few characteristics which make it such an elite hair extensions component. The first is that the entire Indian Remy hair for a single hair extension is collected from a single donor, of Indian origin. The next is that it has all its cuticles intact – cuticles are the outer shell or protective covering of natural human hair. The third is that all the cuticles in an Indian Remy hair extension point in the same direction. This means that Indian Remy hair has a higher luster and does not mat or tangle easily. This increases the lifespan of Indian Remy hair extensions, some of them can last even over a year. The high initial investment on Indian Remy hair extensions is more than recovered over the life of the product and its moderate maintenance regimen.

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