Why Should Brazilian Weaves Be Made Out Of Genuine Human Hair?

When choosing a Brazilian weave, one can either opt for synthetic hair or weaves which are made from genuine human hair harvested from donors of Brazilian origin. Human hair Brazilian weaves are preferred since they last longer and are considerably more resistant to damage from heat treatment or chemical processing, coloring and bleaching. Synthetic hair easily tangles and cannot withstand hot ironing or chemical treatments. A Brazilian weave can last much longer with proper maintenance. Of course, Brazilian weaves made from genuine human hair are slightly more expensive, as may be expected. But this difference in cost is more than made up for y the flexibility in styling, ease of maintenance and longer lifespan of the human hair Brazilian weaves. Also, human hair Brazilian weaves look more natural. Given the range of application methods, styles, colors and textures available in the Brazilian weaves featured on our website, we are sure it would not be too difficult for you to select the one which suits your exact need. Brazilian weave extensions can be removed and applied whenever you wish, unlike your natural hair, which is present always. You can also experiment with them without ruining your haircut or damaging your natural hair.

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