Why One Should Not Opt For Gluing When Applying Brazilian Human Hair Weaves

Though Brazilian human hair weaves extensions can be glued directly to the natural hair in order to save time and cost, this can result in dehydrating and damaging the natural hair. Moreover, since the glue sticks onto the natural hair, when the Brazilian human hair weaves are removed, the natural hair is also pulled out. As a result, some of the hair breaks away and the rest becomes weak at the roots. Further, the glue also damages the Brazilian human hair weaves extensions and reduces their lifespan. Another problem is that gluing may not always result in a proper application, thereby making the difference between the Brazilian human hair weaves and the natural hairline obvious. It can also cause itching and irritation at the hairline. Overall, it is not that gluing or other fast methods of applying Brazilian human hair weaves save too much time – these also consume a considerable amount of time. In view of the above factors, it is always advisable to take some more time out to apply Brazilian human hair weaves properly. In case of a genuine time constraint, it is advisable to postpone application of the Brazilian human hair weaves extensions, rather than opt to suffer from an improper application.

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