Why is Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair so expensive?

When Brazilian hair is harvested, if it is not subjected to further chemical treatment processes, it is called Brazilian Virgin hair. If it is harvested with the upper and lower ends intact and the cuticles are all in the same direction, it is called Brazilian Remy hair. When both these parameters are present, the hair is referred to as Virgin Remy Brazilian hair. The lack of prior chemical treatment makes Virgin Remy Brazilian hair naturally beautiful and more conducive to various coloring and chemical processes such as a perm. Similarly, with the cuticles in the same direction, Virgin Remy Brazilian hair is smoother and the Brazilian hair extensions made from this hair are longer-lasting. Virgin Remy Brazilian hair has desirable natural waves in it. Virgin Remy Brazilian hair does not undergo too much processing – it is simply collected and sorted according to size, after which it is untangled, cleaned and formed into extensions. However, the price of Virgin Remy Brazilian hair is high simply because it is so difficult to obtain hair which is naturally beautiful, wavy, lustrous, healthy and bouncy. One of the advantages of Virgin Remy Brazilian hair is that it is flexible enough to be styled into any texture – curly, wavy or straight.

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