Why Fusions is the Best Method for Applying Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the latest trend nowadays because they lend themselves well to creative hairstyles. If your natural hair is short, you need not wait to grow your hair. You can get long hair in a texture of your choice simply by attaching a hair product. Hair extensions can be applied in many ways. Human hair wefts are the fastest and easiest means of attaching extensions by simply attaching hair of the required length.

Braided track extensions can be applied by making cornrow braids on your hair to sew the braid. Fusion hair extension is a more detailed strand by strand method to attach wigs to the ends of the natural hair. Though fusion involves visiting a hairstylist and takes time because each strand has to be attached to the natural hair, it is on the way to becoming the future of hair care and styling.

Although not permanent, a fusion can last even up to a year with extra maintenance and care. The normal life of a fused hair extension is about half a year. Fusion extensions make hair look thicker and longer. Unlike sew-in hair extensions, fusion extensions look fuller, s opposed to bulkier. Fusion hair extensions can be installed through hot or cold fusion methods. The method preferred varies from person to person.

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