Why Does Non-Remy Hair Appear More Attractive Than Indian Remy Hair

If you have been through the blogs of any of the hair extensions companies, including ours, you would have noticed that we place a premium on Remy hair compared to non-Remy hair. This is because Indian Remy hair, or any other hair products of Remy collection for that matter, has its cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction, thereby lasting longer and not tangling or matting so easily.

However, non-cuticle processed hair looks shinier and therefore, more attractive to clients, compared to Indian Remy. This is simply due to the reflection of light on the hair. Since Indian hair has its cuticles intact, these cuticles are mostly overlapping. Further, they are not strictly all in the same direction – they fall at slight angles to each other (< 5%). But the cumulative effect of these two factors is a scattering and diffusion of light rays which fall on the hair and are reflected off it.

Non-cuticle hair fiber reflects light off its plane surface – a surface devoid of any differences in concentration, density or angles. In short, when reflecting light, the surface of non-Remy hair acts like a mirror, compared to Indian Remy hair. Due to this, non-Remy hair looks shinier and more attractive instead of original Indian hair.

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