Why Do Hair Stylists And Beauticians Recommend Indian Hair Extensions To Clients?

Indian hair extensions usually command a premium in the market compared to hair extensions of other origins. This is because Indian hair extensions are naturally long and straight or slightly wavy making them suitable for all kinds of styles. Further, given the prejudice of Indians towards hair oils and hair massages, the hair in Indian hair extensions is well-nourished and moisturized. The undulations naturally present in Indian hair extensions give them flexibility in styling and shaping. Indian hair extensions can be easily straightened or curled. The use of hair dryers and flat irons does not cause as much damage to Indian hair extensions as to some others. Moreover, since Indian hair extensions are naturally black or slightly brown and lustrous, they can be easily dyed to either blend with the natural hair or for a completely radical look, including some truly exotic shades. Indian hair extensions have a longer lifespan since they are impervious to tangling and matting. Indian hair extensions can be made to resemble hair of almost all origins. This is because of the higher follicle density and lesser oval cross-sections in Indian hair extensions. These are a few of the reasons why stylists and beauticians recommend Indian hair extensions to their clients.

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