Why Are Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair Extensions So Expensive?

Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair extensions imply money – they conjure an image of the most expensive hair extensions! Virgin hair is hair which has not been subjected to any chemical treatment or coloring. Remy hair is made from hair which is extracted from a single donor with all its cuticles intact. Brazilian and Indian hair are the most preferred for hair extensions. Hair of African, Chinese or Caucasian origin may be available at lesser cost, but is not very aesthetic. Hence, Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair implies four cost components added to generally occurring synthetic hair. The first is that the extensions are human hair extensions, secondly, they are of Brazilian origin, thirdly, made from virgin hair and fourthly, from Remy hair. But although the one-time cost of getting Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair extensions may be high, these last longer, saving money on repeat buys. Moreover, Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair extensions have their cuticles intact, making them more pliable to styling and heat treatment, coloring and chemical processing. To save some money on the Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair extensions, you can do preliminary preparation at home before visiting the hair-dresser, since most hair-stylists charge by the hour. For this, shampoo, condition and untangle your natural hair at home. The simplest way to save money on application of Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair extensions is to apply them yourself, but this may not always be possible.

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