Why are Brazilian hair extensions better than other options?

While hair extensions can be classified based on several criteria, the main comparison comes between extensions made from synthetic hair and natural human hair. Synthetic extension systems are made from artificial fibers such as nylon. They are inexpensive, flexible and available in a variety of exotic colors. But they do not last very long, frizz and tangle easily, and are not conducive to chemical or heat treatment or coloring.

Hence human hair products are far superior to the synthetic ones. Among human hair extensions, there are many different parameters which are used to judge their quality. Some of these cost differentiators include the origin of the hair, its length, density, volume, shine, and whether the hair is Virgin, Remy and how it is drawn. The most expensive human hair extensions are those which are Virgin, Remy and Double-drawn. As far as the origin goes, Brazilian hair extensions are better than other options.

If you are looking for a medium to long-term external coiffure, Brazilian hair weaves are definitely a better choice than wigs. Even among human hair waves, Brazilian hair extensions command a premium because of their naturally long, lush, smooth and shiny looks, and a wavy texture which is flexible enough to be styled into any shape, size or texture. Brazilian hair extensions are more versatile, look and feel just like natural hair, require minimum maintenance and last longer.

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