Which method is best for applying Brazilian hair extensions?

There is no best method for applying Brazilian hair extensions to any type of hair. The application method is dependent on your lifestyle, grooming regimen and the texture and type of hair. When you wish to apply hair extensions to your natural hair, ask these questions in order to select the best method. While some clients only need to add a little bit of length to the existing hair to get the benefit of Brazilian hair extensions, others may have to go in for a complete makeover involving a full head of hair. This means they add length and density to the hair with the use of Brazilian hair weaves.

Still others may even go for modifying the texture and color, in addition to length and volume. There are those who use Brazilian straight hair extensions to hide scalp deficiencies. For such people, it may not be feasible to go in for detailed strand by strand application, since the natural hair may not be strong enough to withstand the tensile stress caused by the addition of copious quantities of Brazilian hair extensions. This kind of hair may require the lighter tape or clip application with suitably light weight hair products. The time span under consideration also plays an important role – methods such as fusion extensions are longer lasting than most other application methods.

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