Which Is The Best Hair Extension Method For My Hair?

At the outset, let me clarify there is no such thing as a best system for any hair. It completely depends on your lifestyle, maintenance program and type of hair. Answers to these pointers will be key factors in helping you choose the hair extensions which suit you the best.  Some people get immense benefit just by adding volume to their present crop, while others go for a full head of hair including both volume and length. Those with damaged and fragile hair may not be able to apply hair extensions that demand strand by strand applications, since their hair may not be strong enough to take this tension, or may not be dense enough for the strands to stick. For such hair, seamless tape-ins or clip-ins may be more advisable. While for those who wish to go for hair extensions for a longer term may choose any of the fusion options – u-tip or i-tip, hot or cold – which are much more detailed. Whatever be your hair type, we advise regular grooming to maintain both your natural tresses as well as the hair extensions. A very basic grooming schedule includes brushing the hair at least twice daily and periodic shampooing.

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