Which Brazilian Extensions Fall In My Budget?

Since Brazilian extensions are made from human hair, they are more expensive compared to synthetic hair extensions; even among human hair extensions, Brazilian extensions are among the more expensive types of hair extensions. As against this higher price, the advantages of Brazilian extensions include longer and shinier hair, more waves and bounce, a longer lifespan and the ability to remain indistinguishable from natural hair. Normally, the cost of the hair extensions is a major determinant during the buying decision. To prevent the budget from becoming a constraint and preventing you from looking your best, we offer Brazilian extensions in a range of prices to suit your purse. As a general rule, apart from their origin, the cost of hair extensions depends on the type and length of hair. The cost of applying them is separate, and depends on the method used. Depending on the quality of the hair, Brazilian extensions can either be Virgin or non-Virgin, Double-drawn or Single-drawn, and Remy or non-Remy. In all of these combinations, the former are more expensive compared to the latter; i.e., Virgin, Double-drawn and Remy Brazilian extensions are more expensive than their counterparts. Based on this, you can decide on the best Brazilian extensions which fall within your budget. As regards application methods, you can opt to apply them at home, go in for a consultation with a beautician and application by yourself, or choose to get them installed by a hair stylist. This option also depends on your budget.

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