When And How To Apply Brazilian Hair Extensions For Maximum Effect

Most people wish to install Brazilian hair extensions after under-going some kind of treatment or chemical enhancement on their natural hair. Normally, after natural hair is colored, permed or otherwise chemically treated, it is advisable to wait for a couple of days before applying the Brazilian hair products. The cuticles are raised during chemical treatment. That is why, if the Brazilian hair extensions are installed immediately afterwards, the bond may not be as strong. Similarly, if you wish to chemically treat your hair after installing Brazilian hair extensions, it is better to wait for a couple of days.

In fusion or strand techniques, care should be taken to attach the Brazilian body wave hair extensions to a sufficient quantity of the natural hair; otherwise, the Brazilian hair products, along with the natural hair, may be in danger of falling out completely. Not only does the hair in the extension fall out, it also takes the natural hair and its roots along with it. Similar damage may be caused if the Brazilian hair extensions are placed too close to the scalp or if the attachment area is not properly secured or if the natural hair is not cleaned, dried and pre-treated properly, prior to installing the Brazilian hair weaves.

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