What Can you Do To Hide Thinning Hair On The Scalp?

Women dream of lush, luscious locks of bright and perfect hair, but not all are fortunate enough or make out the time and the effort to obtain them. For those looking to supplement their existing hair without making it obvious, a hair extension made from virgin Indian hair is the best solution. Virgin Indian hair can be designed to replicate perfect, healthy natural hair of any required length, density and color shade. Virgin Indian hair is harvested from donors of Indian origin and used to form hair extensions, without having been chemically processed or colored. Most Indian hair is collected from hair which is donated in temples by women who have never had any prior exposure to chemical treatments. Hence, Indian hair is mostly virgin – the only processing it undergoes is modulation in keratin. Genuine virgin Indian hair extensions provide a lot of flexibility to users in coloring, perming and styling them and allow you to experiment with colors, styles and lengths, without causing harm to the natural hair. Women who suffer from thin hair or very little hair can opt for virgin Indian hair extensions to conceal this limitation. Virgin Indian hair extensions require the same care which you would give to your natural hair, with longer hair needing more aftercare than shorter ones. For a longer lifespan, when using virgin Indian hair extensions, care should be taken to avoid hot styling equipment or aftercare products containing alcohol.

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