Wearing Indian Hair Extensions In A Braid

The most prevalent hair style among Indian with long hair is wearing the hair in a braid. This makes Indian hair extensions naturally conducive to braiding. Clients who select Indian hair extensions are mostly looking to add length to their existing crop; hence once they get these Indian hair extensions, they can also opt to wear their hair in a braid. Nowadays, readymade braided Indian hair extensions are available in the market in different lengths and color shades to match clients’ needs. An alternate option is to buy the Indian hair extensions and then braid them into the natural hair. Whichever be the option chosen, our advice to clients is to be very sure to buy only genuine human Indian hair extensions for the purpose, and not be fobbed off by synthetic hair. Apart from their longevity and strength problems, some types of synthetic hair may not be suitable for braiding, in which case your entire purpose of buying the hair extensions is lost. After buying the Indian hair extensions, the next step is to choose the best method for braiding them on your hair. Some clients prefer pre-curled or pre-colored braids. Avoid Indian hair extensions where you find the hair to be too slippery, since such Indian hair extensions will not give durable braids.

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