Washing Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions are made of natural human hair and are flexible in terms of adaptability to coloring and chemical processing and since they are made of human hair, their aftercare is simple and easy. Despite this, if a few basic steps are not followed meticulously, virgin hair extensions may not give the life and quality of service which they are capable of. First of all, you have to remember that even though virgin hair extensions are not chemically processed, they have still been subjected to some amount of treatment and sterilization, which result in loss of moisture and natural oils. This nutrition cannot be replaced naturally by virgin hair extensions, since the hair they are composed of, has been detached from the nourishment it received from the scalp. Hence, virgin hair extensions need periodic moisturizing to prevent them from drying and frizzing. Deep cleaning champoos strip virgin hair extensions of their moisture and should be avoided. Use special moisturizing shampoos and conditioners which do not contain alcohol, for virgin hair extensions and avoid excessive scrubbing. Comb away tangles from the hair before you shampoo it. Rinse the virgin hair extensions thoroughly after washing.

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