Uses Of Machine Weft Extensions

Machine weft extensions and layered hair extensions are ideal for those with a short crop of hair. Machine weft extensions can be used to add a single line of hair, which increases the volume marginally so that the hair maintains its natural look, while at the same time appearing longer and denser. Hair stylists often choose a machine weft extension and add a bit of thread to create a hairpiece that can be pulled onto the scalp and then covered with natural hair. This way, some volume can be added to the scalp. Machine weft extensions are a boon for those with a thinning or balding scalp. Machine weft extensions can also be added to short hair extensions. A machine weft extension saves the time spent in texturing hair extensions to resemble natural hair. Other applications of machine weft extensions include making ponytails. Remove shortest hair lengths from the ponytails trimmed from the donor’s scalp – these are present around the nape of the neck. The resultant hair extensions create a natural appearance with tapered ends. The ponytails to be used are about 20” in length, which can result in machine weft extensions of 12-18 inches. Natural hair trimmed with scissors usually results in split ends. These can also be temporarily concealed with machine weft extensions to allow the split ends to heal naturally.

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