Use Of Feathers As An Accessory In Indian Hair Extensions

When we speak of feathers in conjunction with Indian hair extensions, please do not conjure up images of Red Indians in feathers. Feathers are just an accessory to impart a funky look to the Indian hair extensions. They can also be used with hair extensions of other origins. We suggest the use of feathers with Indian hair extensions since the hair in Indian hair extensions is strong enough to withstand the weight of the feathers, and still look great, without sagging. Some of the other accessories which people use on their Indian hair extensions include gems and crystal balls. While some accessories look too grotesque or blatant, feathers can be made to look natural and smooth, forming a true “extension” of the natural hair rather than look out of place. Feathers in Indian hair extensions are mostly made from strands of rooster’s tails and can be shampooed, conditioned, blow dried, curled or ironed. These feathers are hand-picked and attached together with double bonding to prolong their lifespan. The feathers can be trimmed to suit your preferred size and can be easily installed onto the Indian hair extensions. Their durability depends on the quality of the feathers and the after care regimen. The feathers in Indian hair extensions need to be re-adjusted once every few weeks.

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