Uneasiness Over Wearing Indian Hair Extensions – It’s All In The “HEAD”!

A lot of people complain that they do not wear Indian hair extensions because they feel uncomfortable. This “fact” is patently untrue. Initially, you may feel more conscious of something unnatural sitting amongst your hair, but gradually you get used to it. And outsiders need never know that you are wearing Indian hair extensions unless you choose to inform them. Good quality Indian hair extensions, if selected properly, are completely indecipherable and do not cause any unease. Any discomfort is psychological rather than real, brought about by your self-consciousness at wearing the Indian hair extensions. But for this, the texture and color of the Indian hair extensions chosen by you should match your natural hair, and the Indian hair extensions should be applied properly without explicit ridges or joining lines. For the first few hours after putting on Indian hair extensions, your head may feel heavier due to the extra mass of hair, but soon you will get accustomed to the extra hair and stop noticing this difference. Always remember to discuss with your hairdresser or stylist about the type of Indian hair extensions that suit you best because the best advice on the kind of Indian hair extensions suitable for your hair type can come from experts.

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