Typical Colors In Hair Extensions

The most common hair extension colors are blacks, browns and blondes. There are various shades available in these three main colors, such as jet black and natural black in black; natural brown, golden brown, medium brown, light brown, dark brown, chestnut and auburn in brown; ash, platinum and golden in blonde. These are the most popular colors and shades for hair extension products, since they make your hair look truly natural. Of course, other colors, including exotic shades are also available or can be custom ordered, should they be required. Hair color should be selected keeping the skin tone and color in mind. Those with light complexions should opt for light colored hair extensions and vice versa. Also, keep in mind the following tips while choosing hair color. Virgin Remy implies hair which has not been colored or otherwise chemically processed. Off black is the most suitable color and suits almost everyone. It is a natural color which is a combination of black and brown colors. For the first time, it is best to let a professional do your hair coloring for you.

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One thought on “Typical Colors In Hair Extensions

  1. It depends on the quliaty of the hair extensions. Obviously human hair extensions will look most natural. Another factor to consider is how the hair was cut and styled with the extensions. Some people have the extensions put in without shaping them to their natural hair. This will give it an obvious divide from natural hair from her head to the extensions.

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