Types Of Braids Used For Applying Brazilian Human Hair Weaves

One of the simplest and best methods of applying Brazilian human hair weaves is through braiding. The making of box Brazilian human hair weaves braids involves parting the hair into a box shape before braiding it. The advantage of this is that the Brazilian human hair weaves do not get tangled easily since they are separately secured. The size of the braids can be modified according to your requirement. The Brazilian human hair weaves in box braids are placed flat to simplify the braiding process and avoid wastage of any of the curls. In micro braiding of Brazilian human hair weave, a part of the extension is left free-flowing to create a bouncy look. While the ends are left free, the beginnings are pulled tight and braided. Cornrow braids are Brazilian human hair weaves which lie flat on the scalp, with the entire Brazilian human hair weave being pulled tightly to maintain neat and uniform braids and prevent any slippage or unraveling. This method is not very feasible if you are looking for curly Brazilian human hair weaves, since it doesn’t utilize curls. Even too straight hair extensions may be a problem since they may not match the natural hair and lack the requisite grip. Hence, wavy hair is best for micro braids.

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