Tips To Prolong The Useful Lifespan Of Indian Virgin Hair Extensions

Indian virgin hair extensions have to be pampered more than natural hair for them to continue to improve your looks. Indian virgin Remy hair has to be washed with shampoo and deep conditioning at least once every week. When washing the hair, take care not to rub it against itself, to prevent it from breaking. After washing, gently towel it and allow it to air dry naturally. Next, comb the Indian virgin hair by dividing it into lateral sections, gently combing each section all the way up to the scalp.

The attachment area needs to be taken special care of. Avoid the use of combs with scratchy plastic teeth or bristle brushes to brush or comb Indian virgin hair extensions. While some amount of oiling and moisturizing is necessary, too much and repeated use of oils and greases results in weighed down and tangled hair.

Before sleeping, braid, pin curl or roller set the Indian Remy virgin hair to protect it from getting tangled during the night. To protect the Indian virgin hair extensions, it is recommended that the Indian virgin Remy hair be covered with a cap or a satin pillow is used for sleeping, which is smooth and gentle on the hair extensions. Each hair texture needs to be treated and cared for differently. The tips given here are generic and can be applied to all types of Indian virgin hair extensions to prolong their lifespan.


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