Tips To Keep Brazilian Hair Extensions Free From Tangles

Since Brazilian hair extensions are better than other hair extensions in the market, they need that little bit of extra care so that they can be shown off with elegance and grace. You would cut a sorry figure if, after having spent the extra money to get the best hair extensions in the market, the Brazilian hair products which you wear end up looking shabby and tangled. To ensure the best look and longer life of your Brazilian hair extensions, the most important thing to do is comb or brush them daily.

When combing, hold them as a ponytail and brush them downwards. Start from the bottom and work your way upwards. Use a soft comb or special hair extension brushes for Brazilian extension systems. Wash the Brazilian hair extensions at least twice a week – shampoo and condition them for a smooth look, free from tangles. Shampoo removes the dirt and dust, while a conditioner smoothens the Brazilian hair extensions to prevent them from tangling.

A more rigorous hair treatment once a fortnight is recommended to provide Brazilian hair wefts with oils to keep them looking healthier and shinier for longer. The shampoo wash can also be followed by application of moisturizing detangling solution. This helps minor tangles to be removed during combing without them getting blown into bigger ones.

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