Tips for Proper Removal of Brazilian Weave

A Brazilian weave looks magnificent and do wonders to your appearance. But now, you wish to try out a new hairstyle or wish to let your natural hair show. Here are a few tips to remove your Brazilian weave by yourself at home. Firstly, coat the hair with oil, at the root and along the hair weave. Gently massage the scalp till the Brazilian weave comes out on its own. Untangle it from your natural hair and remove it softly. The next thing is to shampoo and condition your natural hair in order to get rid of the glue and other styling products you had applied when you had donned the Brazilian weave. This will cleanse your natural hair. Use a comb to remove traces of the additives. A helpful tip – when you comb the hair after removing the weave, comb it in the reverse direction (from the tips to the roots), to avoid the hair from getting pulled out and shedding. Lastly, shampoo and condition the Brazilian weave, blow-dry it, comb it gently and store it on a hanger or hair wig, away from sunlight and moisture. The Brazilian weave is ready for you when you want it the next time.

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One thought on “Tips for Proper Removal of Brazilian Weave

  1. I need a gentle wide tooth comb for dlnitgeang my hair after I shower, my hair gets very tangled and is prone to breakage. This one had the widest teeth of any comb I saw at the store, plus it has a handle to hang in the shower. It works well for combing through conditioner and using after a shower. It is very comfortable and gentle on the scalp, and comes in different colors.

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