Tips For Cutting Hair Extensions

Mostly hair or hair extensions which need to be snipped or cut fall into the wavy or straight categories – the curly ones are mostly short hair, which at best need to be slightly trimmed. There are four things which you should know before attempting to cut hair extensions. Firstly, damp hair extensions are easier to cut as compared to completely dry tresses. Therefore, run a slightly damp comb through the hair extensions prior to picking up the scissors. Preliminary wetting of the hair helps in pulling out the waves and keeping fine strands joint together for ease in cutting; it also helps in removing frizz. Angling the scissors helps avoid split-ends while cutting hair extensions. Hair remains better attached when cut at a slight angle. Begin to work away at small sections or tilt the scissors slightly to achieve evenness in the cut. Sharp scissors ensure a quick and a clean cut. On the other hand, dull implements require a lot of hacking away to get results, which directly result in split ends, hair damage and dishevelled hair. Hold the hair which is to be cut with the correct tension to prevent strands from getting missed out due to slipping. If you are cutting hair extensions, always ensure that the hair extensions are fixed to your head while cutting, so that the length and the style are visible when cutting the hair. Straight or wavy hair extensions are fairly easy to cut provided these guidelines are adhered to.

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