Tips For Cutting Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions mostly contain long and straight or slightly wavy hair – in fact, one of the prime considerations for preferring Brazilian hair extensions over others, is their length. However, at times, you may need to trim or cut the Brazilian hair extensions in order to style or shape them, or simply to change the look. When cutting Brazilian hair products, the first thing to remember is that damp Brazilian hair weaves can be cut more easily compared to completely dry ones.

For this, run a wet comb through the Brazilian hair extensions prior to snipping them. This preliminary wetting helps join fine hair strands together for ease in cutting. It also helps in removing frizz. Sharp scissors make sure that the cut is quick and clean, while dulled edges require a lot of cuts which can result in split ends or uneven cuts. Angling the scissors avoids split-ends while snipping the Brazilian Remy hair extensions.

The hair attaches better if cut slightly at an angle. Either work away at small cross-sections of the Brazilian hair extensions, or tilt the scissors to get an even cut. Hold taut those Brazilian hair products that need to be cut. This will preclude the hair strands from slipping out and getting missed. If you are cutting hair extensions, always ensure that they are worn when being cut so that the length and style can be seen and adjusted.

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