Time-Saving Devices Are A Strict No-No!

When it comes to applying Brazilian weaves, most people like to go in for a faster solution. This quick-fix has its own set of drawbacks and limitations. Because the natural hair is wet-wrapped and the Brazilian weave is glued directly onto it, this method dehydrates and damages your natural hair. Further, while removing the Brazilian weave, the natural hair also comes out. The glue sticks to the hair extensions, thus damaging them. If you do not take the time out to apply the Brazilian weave properly, the quality of weaving turns out to be not so good; the difference between the natural hairline and the hair extension becomes obvious in a few days. Moreover, the line between natural hair and the Brazilian weave may get irritating and itchy at times, especially when sweating. Lastly, since the faster methods of application also take considerable amount of time, it is always preferable to spend a little more time and opt for a proper hand weft or machine weft. In case you really do not have the time to go for an elaborate Brazilian weave installation, it is better to wear a wig, rather than apply the weave hurriedly and damage your natural hair and the hair extension, while spoiling the look as well.

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