The Quality Assurance Of Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy hair is hair harvested from donors of Brazilian origin and supplied with its cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction. Since the cuticles have all to be pointing in the same direction, it means the hair has to be cropped from a single donor. This feature of uniform cuticles ensures that Brazilian hair does not tangle easily. If the scales in the cuticles are not in the same direction, the hair is considered to be of poorer quality and easily gets tangled. Usually, Brazilian Remy hair is the hair which is collected directly from the donor’s scalp and stored in a uniform direction.

The remaining hair, which falls down onto the floor with its roots and ends spread out randomly, is then collected and sold as non-Remy hair. Brazilian Virgin Remy hair requires lesser processing before it can be used in hair extensions. Since Brazilian Remy hair is not prone to tangling, Brazilian hair extensions have come to signify good quality hair which does not tangle easily and the tag “Brazilian Remy hair extensions” is used more as a guarantee of the quality of hair rather than an indicator of collection and storage methods or the presence and uniformity of the cuticles.

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