The Process Of Imparting Color Glaze To Weft Hair Extensions

Sometimes, clients wish to go in for a color enhancement of their weft hair extensions. To give a shine to the weft hair extensions as well as to maintain their health and strength, a color glaze is often resorted to. The advantage of applying a color glaze is that it can be applied all over the hair after installing the weft hair extensions. In order to apply the color glaze, mix the clear shine with necessary proteins and moisturizer so that the weft hair extensions are imparted luster and nourishment at the same time. This mixture can then be rubbed over the entire coiffure, starting from the nape of the neck, but avoiding the bonded tips of the weft hair extensions, since the keratin and glue in the bonded sections can break down on application of the mixture. For best results, ensure that the entire hair and weft hair extensions are well-saturated with the color shine. Give the mixture a quarter to a half hour to settle down and then rinse the hair to remove the excess liquid. Apart from imparting sheen to the weft hair extensions, application of a color glaze also makes them easier to style.

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