The History Of Wigs – Ups And Downs

Wigs, which first made their appearance in ancient Egyptian times – in the times of the pharaohs – gradually faded from history, till about the seventeenth century. When the Louis the XIV, the king of France, started going bald, he shaved his head completely and started wearing wigs. Gradually, this fashion spread among his courtiers also and they began wearing wigs as homage to the “Sun King”. The older the king became, the more was his vanity and the larger the wigs worn by him! This brought huge hair extensions into fashion. Large wigs were considered highly valuable and often began to be inherited, along with property and titles.

Those who could not afford hair extensions would style their hair ro resemble wigs. In fact, hair products became so popular and exclusive during this period, that they gave rise to specialist wig thieves, who would rob, steal and snatch wigs! Wigs again lost their popularity till the late 20th century, when they became favored as a solution to medical problems of the hair and scalp. Some of the most famous hair extensions of the twentieth century included those worn by the Beatles.

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