Taking Care Of Curly Virgin Hair Extensions

Maintaining and wearing curly virgin hair extensions is truly an art and a science. Curly virgin hair extensions are completely different from your natural hair being chemically permed to form curls. Though these were initially someone else’s natural curly hair, once you get this hair you have to take care of it. If you prefer to opt for curly virgin hair extensions, you should also be prepared to invest time and money for their proper care. The damage due to the curly structure of the hair mainly results in frizz, breaks and tangles. Fibers of curly virgin hair are more exposed to damage given their innumerable twists. This means that in case you try to force them into any unnatural shape, the hair weakens and breaks easily. Further, the cuticles are open at a lot of places thereby forming a texture which is rougher and prone to tangling. The key to maintaining curly virgin hair is supplying it constantly with sufficient moisture. Curly virgin hair should never be attempted to be blow dried into a straight shape or flat ironed. They should always be air dried to ensure their longevity and defended constantly with leave-in conditioners or anti-frizz styling products.

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