Synthetic Versus Natural Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions can be classified based on several criteria. But the chief differentiator when comparing Brazilian hair extensions is whether they are made of synthetic hair or natural hair. Among Brazilian hair extensions made from natural hair, there are again many different qualities like Virgin or non-Virgin hair, Remy or non-Remy hair, etc. Of these, the best and most expensive are Virgin Remy Brazilian hair extensions. Remy Brazilian hair extensions have their cuticle intact and flowing in a single direction, thereby giving uniformity to the hair. This prevents the Brazilian hair extensions from tangling and makes them last longer. Non-Remy hair can also be made tangle-free, but this means that the cuticles have to be shaved off, affecting its lifespan. Synthetic Brazilian hair extensions are made of artificial fibers designed to resemble human hair of Brazilian origin. Synthetic hair is less expensive compared to natural hair. Synthetic Brazilian hair extensions come pre-set in a range of styles, but the drawback is that they cannot be re-styled. So, for every style you need, you need to pick up a different set of synthetic Brazilian hair extensions. So, while natural Brazilian hair extensions are more expensive, they are more versatile and last longer. Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, are cheaper and easier to maintain.

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