Styling Weft Hair Extensions

A clean shining color glaze is the ideal way to enhance the color of weft hair extensions after they have been installed. An added benefit of applying this glaze is that it keeps the hair healthy and strong. It can be applied after installing the weft hair extensions. Because of the glaze, the hair becomes slightly damp, allowing for better styling of the hair. Along with the shine, a mixture of proteins and moisturizers can also be added to supplement nourishment to both the natural hair as well as the weft hair extensions. This mixture should be rubbed on the human hair wefts and the horizontal sections of the natural hair, starting from the nape of the neck. However, the glue in the bonding line and the keratin bonded tips of the weft hair extensions can break down on application of liquid hence the mixture should not be applied in these areas. The shine mixture should completely saturate the hair for best results. This mixture takes about 20 minutes to settle down. Do not force dry your hair during this time since this might make the shine mixture unstable. Once the mixture has dried up, rinse the hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. Now, your weft hair extensions will be more receptive to styling.

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