Styling Tips For Long Hair

You can select hair extensions of any specific style or colour you desire. However, what if you wish to style your natural hair in a specific way, without wanting to resort to hair extensions or other artificial accessories? Hair styling, especially for long hair, requires a lot of care. We give some tips which you may wish to follow if you do not wish to go for hair extensions, but still want the best results with your natural hair. Firstly, avoid styles which force you to tighten your hair, such as twists or micro braids, because these result in pressure on the roots of the hair which may, in turn, damage their follicles. Avoid styling treatments which need harsh chemicals, since these can frequently result in dry and damaged hair. Instead, go for thick braids or loose ponytails.

Avoid rubber, metal or plastic accessories which can pinch the hair. Accessories which are coated or smoothened are more preferable. Use bristle brushes for styling, but do not pull or tug the hair when brushing it. Avoid combs and brushes which have tips or coatings that can cause hair to break. Trim hair regularly to remove split ends and other damage. Use sharp scissors for trimming. Dull scissors can cause further damage by ripping the ends of the hair resulting in fresh split ends. Reduce the use of heating tools and choose natural styling products to the utmost possible extent.

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