Style with Safety

The hairstyle used speaks volumes about the kind of person we are. To be able to project an image of glamour, poise and style is the dream of every woman and the hairstyle is an essential component of this projection. This is the primary reason why most women opt for hair extensions to complement and supplement their natural crop of tresses. Hair extensions are a temporary but fast and easy method to enhance the length, color, style, shine, body of your natural hair. But, due to ignorance of hair extension application methods, some people avoid them to prevent damage to their natural hair. Temporarily applied hair extensions such as virgin skin wefts, machine wefts, silicone micro-beads, clip in hair extensions, etc. are mostly human hair extensions which do not cause any damage to your natural hair. The biggest advantage of using these hair extensions is they are undetectable. So, if you are on the look-out for a new style but shrink from risking damage which may occur with traditional hair extensions, then temporary hair extensions may be the solution for you. The easiest to apply are clip in hair extensions and virgin skin weft extensions. Skin weft hair extensions are coated with adhesives and glued to your hair to add bounce, shine and body. The clip in hair extensions can be simply clipped in to the normal hair.

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