Storage Tips For Brazilian Weaves

Wearing a Brazilian weave is a simple and quick means of getting the hairstyle you desire. But you must keep in mind that you will not be wearing the Brazilian weaves all through – there are times when you have to remove them and place them aside. In such instances, it is imperative that you know their proper storage techniques to minimize damage to them. Firstly, damaged Brazilian weaves look unruly and unsightly; secondly, they may damage the natural hair and scalp. To properly store the Brazilian weaves, the first step is proper shampoo and conditioning to ensure that they retain their sheen and luster. The everyday dust and grime, and styling products used on the hair settle down into the Brazilian weaves and have to be removed by shampooing. The next step is untangling the Brazilian weaves and allowing them to dry thoroughly. Damp or moist Brazilian weaves result in generation of bacteria, fungi and mold. Brazilian weaves should be placed on a wig head if you wish to store them for a longer length of time before using them again. This will let them to retain their shape despite being away from the scalp. Styrofoam wigs for storage are available at most hair and beauty salons. Always store the Brazilian weaves in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, because direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight causes Brazilian weaves to lose color due to bleaching.

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