Some Types Of Human Hair Weaves

Longer, thicker and more luxuriant hair is what more and more women the world over are looking for, giving rise to an intense industry focusing on various kinds of hair extensions, with some designers, stylists and manufacturers swearing upon human hair weaves being the ultimate weapon for obtaining those intricate, longer and thicker hairstyles. Since expressing themselves through hairstyles has become predominant, trends in hairstyles have proliferated and so has the variety in human hair laces.

We discuss here some of the most prevalent human hair laces available in the market today. The first is a curly weave, which has a design in the shape of a ringlet with a curly which is shaped like the letter ā€œSā€. It can be used in both short and long lengths. This does not require rigorous maintenance since the hair need not be kept straight. Next is the water wave weave ā€“ a delicate undulating human hair weave suited for longer foot-long lengths.

The waves can be maintained by wrapping the wefts at night. The body wave weave is made up of thick and large curls and is mostly popular for over one and a quarter feet lengths. Their length implies these human hair extensions have to be maintained regularly. The Yaki weave is a straight human hair weave and has a super fine crease which can be noticed only in certain shades of light. A silky weave has a super fine, straight texture and is perfect for Asian or European hair.

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