Single Drawn Vs Double Drawn Indian Hair Extensions

To get a natural look from hair extensions, the hair products must necessarily be made from natural hair. Among natural hair, Indian hair extension is considered to be the best in the industry. These are of two types based on how the donor gave the hair, they can be classified as single drawn or double drawn Indian hair extensions. Single drawn extensions have the hair sewn just as it was taken from.

Since natural hair grows in different lengths and the hair taken for the hair extensions is not cut or trimmed, single drawn Indian hair extensions will definitely have length variations. Due to this, single drawn Indian hair extensions give a perfectly natural look. Double drawn extension means that the hair for the extensions has been cut or trimmed into perfect uniformity of length. This means that double drawn hair extensions are more expensive due to additional labour required for sorting the hair and trimming it.

Despite this, double drawn extensions are still treated as second best. Irrespective of double or single drawn hair, Indian hair extensions are the best quality hair extensions. This is because Indian hair is naturally strong and thick and it has regularly been nourished with natural oils and treated using natural products such as lemon juice, aloe vera or yogurt. Due to their being no chemical treatment, Indian hair extensions look better and achieve an perfect natural look.

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