Single Drawn And Double Drawn Indian Virgin Hair Extensions

To get a natural look despite adding hair extensions, virgin hair extensions are the best bet. This is because these hair extensions are free from any artificial color or chemicals when first bought. A prerogative of virgin hair extensions is that they are necessarily made from natural human hair. However, it is to be noted that despite the absence of chemical treatment, some preliminary cleaning and sorting is done when preparing these virgin hair extensions. Once the hair for the virgin hair extensions is collected from a human donor, based on the treatment it undergoes, the hair extensions made from it are classified as single drawn or double drawn virgin hair extensions. If the virgin hair extensions are made from the hair which is harvested, treated and formed into extensions, it is known as single drawn virgin hair extensions. As opposed to this, if the hair undergoes another process, where hair strands of almost equal lengths are taken together, trimmed to remove minor differences in length, and these perfectly equally long hair strands are formed into hair extensions, these are called double drawn virgin hair extensions. Double drawn virgin hair extensions are more expensive due to additional labor required in sorting and trimming the hair. Single drawn virgin hair extensions look more natural due to their slight imperfections in length, but double drawn virgin hair extensions give a more perfect coiffure.

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