Shampooing Tips For Growing Long Hair

For those who do not wish to suffer badly styled hair, hair extensions are the simplest and speediest solution. However, there is nothing like the original. You may not need hair extensions at all if your natural hair is of the length, volume, colour and style that you desire. The pre-requisite to beautiful hair is strong and healthy hair. To begin to grow your hair long, the first thing you must do is cut the hair to even it out and remove split ends and layers which are not well maintained. Go back to the natural colour or use low-impact dyes. Hair is more easily damaged when it is wet. Do not make a pile of the hair above your head when washing it, because this causes it to tangle. Work the shampoo with your fingers – beginning with the scalp and going on to the ends. After shampooing, rinse the hair with cold water so that the cuticle is sealed and also because this leaves the hair looking sleek and shiny. Do not scrub wet hair with the towel; instead, squeeze out the moisture and wrap the towel around the hair to soak in the moisture. Do not wash hair too frequently since this would result in loss of essential oils. Conditioning regularly rejuvenates strands and using conditioners having a good SPF protection factor also safeguards it against damage from exposure to sunlight. Go for a deep conditioning treatment at least once in a month. Avoid applying the conditioner near the scalp area where it may end up clogging the follicles and inhibiting hair growth.

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