Shading Of Wigs

Effective wigs are those which are absolutely indistinguishable from the natural hair. These kinds of wigs are a combination of excellence in both product quality and installation technique. While, of course the quality and the selection of the wigs is of primary importance, sometimes even the best of wigs are ineffective because they are not applied properly. The difference in application begins at the hairline coloring, which should result in a natural-looking hairline for the wigs to be effective. Like in case of natural hair, wigs also should have a slight darkening of shade (proficient hair stylists use highlights and lowlights to create this effect) as they move inwards, away from the frame of the face. Bad quality wigs either have the same shade all through, thus making them look very artificial, or there is insufficient lightening near the hairline making them resemble caps. The difference in color in the exterior and interior is not much – just a shade or two, but even this can become an indication of the quality of the wigs. Even a minor difference of a shade or two can make enough of an impact. The color at the edges of the wigs should match the color of your skin, which is the case in natural hair. Existing wigs can be re-colored near the hairline to achieve this shade difference.

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