Selecting The Right Indian Hair Extensions

The quantity of hair required in your Indian hair extensions depends on your natural hair texture, density and length, apart from your personal preference. While some people desire just a little additional volume, others may be looking for longer length and more volume. Depending on this, the application method for the Indian hair extensions can be chosen, ranging from strand-wise to wefts and clip-ins. Similarly, the color of hair in the Indian hair extensions must be such that it blends with the natural hair. The highlights and lowlights in the Indian hair extensions should give a natural look. Indian hair extensions should not be bleached, since bleach is harsh on the hair and can result in a dry texture, apart from damaging the attachment area. Another factor which needs to be clarified is whether to go for natural human hair or synthetic hair. While human hair is more expensive, it looks more natural and is longer lasting. Synthetic hair is versatile and cheap, but may not blend very well with the natural hair and may stand out. Remy hair implies hair which has its cuticles intact and in the same direction. Virgin hair is hair which has not been colored or chemically processed in any way.

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