Seamless Blend With Natural Hair Line

A virgin hair lace wig is a wig which covers the complete head and is made of virgin hair, hair which has not been subjected to any chemical treatment or coloring. Virgin hair lace wigs get their name from the mesh lace which covers them in front. The lace extends outside the hairline from ear to ear.  When making virgin hair lace wigs, the lace is deliberately kept longer than required, so that it can later be trimmed and fitted to create a new false hairline.

Since Brazilian natural wave only have the lace on the front part, they cannot be styled into ponytails, but do create scope for trying a variety of hairstyles since the lace creates a seamless hair line. To attach a virgin hair lace wig to the scalp, glue is applied on the forehead and scalp to stick the lace to them for a seamless hair line. Since it is in constant contact with the skin, the glue chosen should be amenable to the skin. The user should also reconfirm that the glue is not allergic to the skin. A virgin hair lace wig is preferred by celebrities since it blends so seamlessly with the hair line that it is almost undetectable.

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