Restoring Colour Of Your Indian Hair Extensions

What are the options open for you in case your Indian hair extensions are fading and dulling after a few months of usage, when the normal lifecycle of these hair extensions is coming to an end. This happens mostly in case of dyed Indian hair extensions. Even though we offer Indian hair extensions using the best dyes which offer the widest range of colour with the longest lifespan, like any other fabric, the dyes fade with repeated washing and styling. It is impossible for any dye to maintain a brand-new look forever. One of the quickest and simplest methods of restoring colour and shine to Indian hair extensions is what is known as a cellophane treatment.

Cellophane treatments are fast, easy, ammonia-free and do not damage the hair extensions. One of the precautions to be taken while applying cellophane treatments is to avoid the attachment areas of Indian hair products which use metallic rings to hold the extensions in place. This is because, despite the best efforts, the rings catch and hold the chemical residues. Moreover, chemicals applied on top of any fusion adhesive soften the bonds. Also, the dye should be applied till about a couple of inches away for the attachment point, since it will anyway travel along the wet hair and spread till there. If it is applied any closer, it may end up spreading into the bonds.

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